How to maintain your car bodywork yourself (and maximise your car’s value)

Car Body Damage Large Front Bonnet Dent

When you’re looking to sell your car quick, the state of your car bodywork is very important – more than you might realise.

Here at the Car Advice Centre, we’ll tell you how to keep the your car paintwork perfect before you go on to sell your car to trusted car buyers.

From scratches to large dents to chassis alignment, we recommend you take care of your car’s bodywork with our top tips.Ensure a quick sale – if you’re looking to shift your car fast – or simply maintain it to a high standard for the benefit of its future.

Your car may have received a small bump from a car park bollard or slight scratch from a mistimed parking or overtaking incident – we’re not saying it’s your fault either, just that it happens. It’s more common than you think.

Take a nosey at our bodywork checklist to review the condition of your car in a few simple steps. These are universal issues – so don’t worry if you drive an Audi, Ford or Volkswagen – they’re relevant to all cars.

Keeping your car bodywork clean

Remember that little things help too. Don’t forget how to clean your car bodywork, properly. Not only does a dirty car reflect badly on you and spoil your car, messy bodywork also reduces the value of your car.

Acid rain, corrosion from grit salt mixed with extreme temperatures and weather conditions also realy test your car’s paintwork.

Chassis alignment

If your car has been in a bump, no matter how big or small, there is still possible damage to your chassis alignment.

Even a knock at 20mph or less could misalign your chassis, so it’s definitely worth checking out for piece of mind.

You may have even unkowingly bought the car off someone who had been in a bump, so don’t delay if you suspsect the car is leaning a little wayward.

Read up this in-depth procedure on chassis alignment from I’ve found it really useful myself.

Large dents

Reversed a little too swiftly? Been caught off-guard at a car park junction? Large dents happen and they do dramatically affect the value of your car – particularly when left untreated.

Luckily for you, these can be repainted and buffed out. Take a look at this DIY article on how to fill holes or dents in your car bodywork yourself. Sandpaper, body filler and automotive primer is all you need…

Small scratches

Tight spaces are inexperience tend to cause most damage on the small scratches front.

Whether it’s on your car door or down the main front bumper, small scratches damage the value of your car – but, not so much if you know how to treat them.

Learn how much car scratches affect the selling price of used cars and you’ll be so thankful you read this article.

Car bodywork: Summary

Image via Flickr

If you keep on top of the bodywork checklist above, Car Advice Centre guarantee you’ll make more money when you sell your car on.

Even if you’re not quite ready to, it’s still wise to get into a good routine.

Really large dents like the one featured in the image above are clearly going to need a mechanic at hand. For everything else in between, our advice should help you out.

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