How to combat kerbed wheels

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Wheels are an important part of any vehicle. Particularly if you want to stay safe and save a pretty penny too.

Keeping tyres in good condition before you come to sell your car is the most important. As poor maintenance will reduced your motor’s value considerably.

Take note of our top wheel tips to ensure you get the most out of yours, in terms of both money and lifespan.

Main offender: kerbed wheels

Kerbed wheels are a common ailment your car receives. Wheel damage can come from where you least expect, whether it was a collision with the kerb or poor parrell parking.

Over 75 per cent of wheel damage comes from kerbing. Fortunately for you, you can repair kerbed wheels quite easily. The damage can be sanded and the marks blended into match the rest of the wheel.

Many car service centres offer an alloy wheel repair service from £65 per wheel on wheels up to 16-inches. Wheels at 17-inches and over cost £95 per wheel, as a rough rule of thumb.

Other marks and scratches – less severe than kerbing – are near unavoidable and inevitabilities when driving. General wear and tear from stones, grit and other particles can be chucked up to leave the tiniest of marks on your wheels.

Buffing these smaller marks out are even easier. Take a look at this handy video.

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