Stay safe this winter with our top winter tyre tips

Winter Driving

Winter Driving (Photo credit: K. Praslowicz)

Whilst it’s not quite reached the snowy perils and travel chaos we’re usually used to this time of year, we thought it important to post you a few interesting winter driving facts we found from the Trusted Car Buyers blog.

Did you know, for example, that on a morning like today — when temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius –the compound used in normal tyres hardens, in turn causing them to lose their grip?

Compared to summer time, there are nearly 6,500 more accidents in the winter, according to the same Continental infographic.

Why buy winter tyres?

Winter tyres do not harden when below 7 degrees, meaning you have more grip and hence a much better (shorter) stopping distance.

winter driving facts infographic



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