Checks You Can Carry Out Yourself to Help Your Car Pass an MOT Test


We all know that our cars are required by law to have an MOT test done every year unless your car is less than 3 years old. It is very easy to book your car in for an MOT these days, whether you look have a regular test centre you go to or you look online it can be done quickly.

The only real problem begins when you get to the test and your car fails. It is important that your car does not fail an MOT test as it can cause you extra money and inconvenience, with this in mind it might be worthwhile doing some simple checks yourself beforehand to help your car pass the MOT test.

An MOT test is all about safety, the car is tested to ensure that it is roadworthy and not dangerous to you and other drivers on the road. An important safety factor are the brakes, you should check your brakes to ensure they are working correctly, if they do not feel quite right then it is best to get them checked before the test.

Brakes that lock up will also cause the car to fail so take the car for a drive and give the brakes a good test. Brakes that lock up on sudden braking are not safe so this is why they would cause your car to fail. Other common problems with the brakes that should be checked include a loose brake pedal and brake fluid leak.

Your cars body work has to be in very good condition to pass an MOT, any sign of rust, damage or sharp edges shows that the car has not been looked after and will acquire a fail. Other parts of your cars body such as doors, locks and mirrors need to be in good condition and working correctly.

Cracked mirrors or doors that do not open and close correctly is a certain MOT fail. In car safety features like seats and seat belts need to be fixed securely and working properly.

Tyres are an obvious one and are very simple to check so if your car fails an MOT because of your tyres then that is just you being lazy. Your cars tyre tread should be no less than 1.6mm, the tyres should also be the right type and size that match your car.

Any big chunks out of the tyre or something like a nail sitting in them should also be looked at. Car tyres can be picked up pretty cheaply and fitted very easily these days so there is no excuse for letting your tyres degrade, I get my tyres done by Innerlink Motors Norwich as they do all my car repair work.

Something that a lot of people might not know about is that if your car is missing a wheel nut then the car will fail an MOT. Wheels need to be fitted tightly and securely so make sure you have all your wheel nuts fitted properly before taking your car for an MOT.

Like your tyres, lights and indicators are easy to check. Head lamps and indicator lights need to be working and fitted properly. If you have your headlights on and start the car then they should come on automatically so make sure this is working. Reverse your car up against a wall to make sure your brake light works.

There are other factors with an MOT test but by doing some of the simple steps above you are doing everything you can to help your car pass its MOT test, you might also find something that will save you time and money as you would have stopped something that would have caused your car to fail its MOT.

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