The do’s and don’ts of getting rid of a used car

Used cars

There comes a time in every vehicle owner’s life whereby their car is now too old, it’s served its purpose or just you’ve fell out of love with it.

Knowing what to do with it, particularly for first-time buyers, is especially tricky.

Your immediate thought might be: ‘I should just sell my car. Simple.’

Understandably so: this is the most common method of getting rid of an old vehicle. However, in some cases, scrapping or even donating or giving it away, might be more beneficial.

Selling online

Famously, Autotrader will offer you a car valuation in a few clicks. Advertising on the site costs £9.99 to £19.99.

Dependent on circumstance, you might not want to part with online advertising fees, say, if the car is only worth a couple of hundred and due an MOT and tax, or even lacking service history.

The free option (although, it does encourage premium services for a better chance of a sale) is Gumtree. Find out more about some happy sales and success stories here.


scrap cars

Scrapping your old vehicle may work out better for you if you own a banger that is unlikely to pass its MOT, and in effect, costs more to fix and run then is actually worth.

Good websites to use to check the scrap value of your car (often offering around £150 or so, but variable dependent on make, model and condition) are:


Car Takeback:

Rewarding Recycling:


Finally, a thought that may not have even crossed your mind: you may donate your car. There are a number of non-profit organisation s that will take your old vehicle (if no-one else will, or simply if you’re feeling particularly charitable).

The leading site in this is: Oxfam also runs a donation service. Since 2006, their efforts have raised in excess of £100,000 through the sale of over 350 vehicles.

In an earlier guest post, you can check out our infographic on steps for donating a vehicle to charity.

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