Clampers get a good clamping (video)

Whilst we like to consider ourselves quite the serious site, there’s something that’s caught our attention that will almost certain rile most, if not, all drivers. Clamping.

Clamping is the act of attaching a metal brace around one of the wheels of your car and is a growing grumble of many motorists.

In this funny video watch how a clamper gets clamped (he doesn’t like it). The video was picked up from the Trusted Car Buyers blog

With it illegal to clamp on private land, the only other place you might find yourself being clamped is from the police, a local authority whose parking system you are ‘contravening’ or if your road tax or car insurance hasn’t been paid.

In most cases, private companies posing for local authorities will clamp illegitimately, so watching this video we hope will help make you feel somewhat vindicated if it’s ever happened to you.

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