Easy-to-fix MOT failures cost us £1/2m

Don't scrap it: Nearly 1,400 of mistakes were down to anomalies with registration plates. such as personalised plates and dirty or missing letters on the plates

There is over half a million pounds wasted on easy-to-fix MOT mistakes, a new report reveals.

Only 4% of cars that fail their MOT are having their first test. Shockingly, cars on their first MOT test have failed for ridiculous reasons suchas as poorly placed stickers on windscreens and screen wash being left empty.

The research by WhatCar.com found that nearly 1 in 25 of the 285,236 MOT test failures (takend between August 2012 and August 2013) were on new cars taking their very first test and so could have very easily been avoided.

MOT Test failures in numbers

1,400 – personalised number plates

1,055 – windscreen stickers blocking driver’s view

800 – dashboard warning light display

Personalised licence plates may be docked for illegal fonts, which do not adhere to DVLA rules.

As for dashboard warning lights, WhatCar? adds: ‘Warning lights have been part of the MOT test since 2012 and relate to anything from brakes to tyre pressures and airbag. If you see one, get it checked out.’

Based on the average cost of an MOT set at £45 and some 10,753 vehicles failing their first test, this amounts to a bill to UK motorists of £483,885 that could have otherwise been averted.

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