How to Reverse Park Safely

You can’t drive without knowing how to park. Though, it’s still shocking how few people feel confident parking up — and heaven forbid, reverse into and parallel park into a space!

Fear no more. We’ll teach you how best to park a car by reversing.

1. Shift to reverse

Once a car length away from the spot you want to park in, swith your gear stick to reverse.

2. Apply light touch to brakes

To maintain control of the car, as it wants to move back naturally whilst in reverse car, lightly touch the brake.

3. Steer in direction of the spot

Steer the wheel in the opposite direction that you want the car to go. So, imagine you’re wanting to reverse left, you move the steering wheel right (and vice versa).

Park a Car Step 17.jpg

4. Pull into the spot

Check your mirror and look over your left shoulder to see behind you and out the back. You’ll get a better idea of the space you’re moving into.

5. Pressing brakes firmly

Once you’ve slowly followed the course of the steering wheel, you gradually start to straighten up and turn the opposite direction. Press the brakes firmly when satisfied with your position.

6. Shift to park

7. Set the parking brake in place

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