Get from A to B faster with the Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C

Let’s take a look inside the newborn baby supercar known as the Alfa Romeo 4C.

Get from A to B faster via C: a potent engine, lightweight chassis and intelligent computer system add up to one fierce herd of ponies under the bonnet.

It’s biggest delight is its carbon fibre body. Weighing just 65kg, this thing weighs less than most full-sized adults. Coupled with the engine, the vehicle weighs a total of 895kg.

Snappy gear changes from its paddle shifters do the job of swithcing up and down gears nicely, much like you’d expect in an F1 car. There is sadly no manual option for the old-schoolers, but it accelerates with search verocity and excitement you’ll feel like a teen again – so you won’t care.

Following in its Formula One inspiration, the Alfa Romeo 4C’s 240bhp engine has a big turbo attached to a 1.7fl 40cylinder engine which offers performance you’d expect from a track day.

The car is certainly justified in its baby supercar status. Experience 0-62mph in just less than 4 seconds and a top speed of 160mph. Noice.

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