Insurance write-offs, Cat C and Cat Ds

Cat d and insurance write offs 2013

You’ve been in a bump and told your car is an insurance write-off, and terms like Cat C or Cat D are banded about in the motor trade, particularly when shopping for a new car. But, what do they mean?

One thing’s for sure, selling the vehicle fast can become a chore, due to their condition.

A Cat C is classified as a vehicle with repairable total loss: Cat C cars can be put back on the road, since damage is repairable.

However, the cost of the repairs is considered more than the value of the car. In the even you want to fix your car up, you must subject to a Vehicle Identity Check (VIC).

A Cat D describes a car with repairable significant damage. These vehicles are allowed back on the road, becuase the damage can be repaired.

The difference here between these and a Cat C is that the repair costs are less than the value of the car.

These are the cars you need to look out for most, as they are more likely to be repaired and put back into circulation at a dealership.

Cat D cars are significant enough to be written off.

In general, if you’ve been in a bump, try to avoid having the car written off if possible. If it is fixed and road-worthy again, the resale value of the vehicle will plummet, so our advice would to be to list your vehicle on a site like of Gumtree for a private sale.

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