Kids passive smoking in car contributes to £23m a year NHS bill

Smoking in cars infographic

Smoking in cars with children present could soon become outlawed. In Wales, it will be banned, and in England, the Department for Health are consulting on the issue.

A Westminster vote is already massively in favour of a ban — 376 to 107 in favour.

We are actually miles behind other countries on this: Australia, Canada, South Africa and USA already carry a smoking ban in cars when kids are present.

Passive smoking in children costs the NHS a staggering £23m a year and results in 300,000 GP visits a year. The numbers speak for themselves.

The government should push this through before the next general election!


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One Response to “Kids passive smoking in car contributes to £23m a year NHS bill”

  1. Nate Bennett says:

    thousands of deaths every year are also attributed to pollution, one of the undeniable great contributors being automotive pollution. I would even say it’s far worse then smoking as the risk group with smoking is either self afflicted or, like it shows here, personally linked through family, kids etc. Whereas automotive pollution affects the greater environment of which there is no escape. People can simply get out of the car, it’s a lot harder to simply stop breathing. you could even equate the health risks of a cigarette to the pollution of a car, both are carcinogenic in nature, but of course they have obvious differences.

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