Drivers still putting lives at risk with loose seatbelt laws

car seatbeltIt was revealed today that the Institute of Advanced Motorists felt many drivers and passengers were still putting themselves and others in great danger by not wearing their seatbelts.

Despite 50 years of laws to protect motorists, passengers and pedestrians, the IAM are particularly concerned.

Seatbelts: in a nutshell

January 1965 – seatbelt laws came into force require one fitted with anchorage points on the outer front seats

45 of 232 car occupants killed in 2013 due to not wearing a seatbelt

45% effectiveness in preventing serious injuries to drivers

Today, drivers caught without seatbelts face £100 and three penalty points. Prosecutions could reach £500.

Kevin Delaney, head of road safety at IAM said: “The biggest problem is complacency.

“Quite simply, people feel it will never happen to them. They think if they are driving locally and at a low speed they will be OK.

“Statistics show that many accidents not only take place at low speeds but also within a few miles of home – so people are mistaken if they think that makes them safer.

“We need to keep spreading the message particularly on rear seat belt use,” he said.

“And if people don’t take heed of it, they will end up as a DfT accident statistic.”

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