‘With heavy heart I sell my beloved car’ eBay listing

touching ebay ad

A dad-to-be wrote a touching 3000-word eBay ad explaining why he was selling his car – a beloved Opel Tigra – after his girlfriend announced she was pregnant.

His efforts to sell the car went a long way when the listing went viral. Not only that, but a publishing house has approached the lad.

Here’s an extract from Firat, 29 from Hagen in Germany:

‘Dear bargain hunters, it is with a heavy heart that I have to put my hot and much loved Opel Tigra up for sale as a result of the fact that two months ago my missus came back with a positive pregnancy test.’

‘On the fateful day when my life changed forever, she had told me before she went to work that I needed to hang out the washing, clean up the flat, cash in the small change in the bottle from my poker table and give her the money so she could buy new shoes, and empty the dishwasher. Naturally, I spent the entire day watching Eurosport and playing poker on my mobile phone, and then had a hectic 30 minutes clearing everything up and meeting the requirements shortly before she arrived.

‘I was in the middle of sorting out teaspoons when she handed me the test. It didn’t go down well when I asked who the test was from? And it went down even less well when I asked who the father was. That was when she told me that I would now have to sell the car, as it was too much stress to have to put the baby on the back seat from the front because it was only a three door vehicle.’

‘I tried to diplomatically mention it to her, and she always reacts the same saying ‘Hello, do you realise though shoes are reduced from 140 Euros £100 to 80 Euros £60, and then to 20 Euros £15? Of course I had to buy them and I actually saved us money’. He added: ‘I tried to point out that spending money doesn’t mean you are saving, but it didn’t help when the finance minister came on the television saying ‘we are going to spend 2 billion less this year, which is a massive saving’.’

Read more here: http://metro.co.uk/2015/02/25/with-heavy-heart-i-sell-my-beloved-car-young-dad-writes-saddest-ebay-ad-ever-5078834/

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