Car Engine Maintenance

car engine maintenance

UK car sales are currently at an all-time high, with more people than ever owning a car. Although we rely on our vehicles to get us around and use them almost on a daily basis, there’s a lot that we don’t know about them. The average driver has no clue about what’s going on under the bonnet, which isn’t good, especially if you find yourself in an emergency situation.

We believe that everyone should at least know the basics of engine maintenance as it can greatly help with keeping your car in the best shape possible and saving money by performing some of the easier tasks yourself.

There’s a certain feeling of accomplishment when you have the correct knowledge to take care of your vehicle yourself. It’s not necessarily difficult however extra care should always be taken to ensure that you aren’t causing any unnecessary damage to your car.

Today we are going to look at the engine and provide you with a few simple tips that will help you with keeping it running.

When it comes to any vehicle, its engine is basically its heart. It’s what powers the vehicle and keeps it running. Without and engine you wouldn’t get very far, which is why it’s crucial you take good care of it.

First of all become familiar with your engine. We know it sounds a little silly but trust us, it works! Spends some time getting a feel of what the engine is like. If possible, do some research as well. Learn about all the different parts that make up an engine and straight away you’ll have a better idea of how things work. It can be a little overwhelming when you first start getting to know your engine however overtime it will all feel a lot more natural.

Once you are familiar with your engine you can begin working on maintaining it.

One of the many simple tasks that can greatly improve your engine’s performance is changing the oil. That’s right, something as simple as changing the oil regularly will make your engine run a lot smoother. Due to the pressure that the engine is placed under whilst the vehicle is running, it’s crucial you keep it lubricated. Leaving your engine for too long without changing the oil could cause a lot of damage to your engine, damage that would cost you a lot of money to fix. To make sure that what you’re doing is correct, check the manufacturer’s manual that came with your vehicle. It should tell you everything that you need to know so always take a look in the manual before doing anything major to your vehicle.

Another thing that’s very important is keeping the engine cool. Engines have a tendency to overheat when left unattended for a long time. The cooling system plays a very important role in keeping the vehicle cool. If you ever notice signs that suggest your car could be overheating, check to see if there’s enough coolant. If you’re running low, simply top up and your car should be fine. If your car keeps overheating, even after adding more coolant, take your vehicle to a professional for a full assessment. It’s better to be safe than sorry so don’t risk it.

One thing that seems to baffle many is the fact that engines, just like humans, need air to function. A constant airflow is crucial for the engine to run properly, which is why ensuring that your air filter is working is crucial. Simply give it a quick inspection and if you believe that it’s damaged, simply replace it with a new one. This will help your engine run a lot smoother, which in result will make your car much better to handle.

Leaks can be quite disastrous if left for a long period of time. Although spotting leaks can be a little tricky if you’re not inspecting your engine regularly most leaks are rather easy to notice. Most of the time you will be able to notice a leak simply by the smell it will give off. It sounds silly, we know, however old leaks are known for their unique smell. If you think there’s a leak in your engine, address the issue before it gets worse. Don’t just leave it and pretend that it’s not there because it will only get worse. As soon as you spot it get your car to a professional who will be able to fix it.

Possible one of the tasks that we dread the most is filling up our tank. It’s not a time consuming task however the simple thought of having to fill up your tank can often feel like the most difficult task on the planet. What many people don’t realise is that putting off this task can cause a great amount of permanent damage to your vehicle. Leaving your vehicle to run on fumes is not only irresponsible as your vehicle could suddenly stop in the middle of the road but it’s also bad for your car. A certain amount of sediment can be found in gasoline. It settles at the bottom of your tank, meaning if you don’t fill your tank up when necessary your vehicle will basically run of harmful junk.

Finally, the easiest thing to remember is paying attention to your warning lights. As soon as you see them come one, investigate further as soon as possible to avoid your car getting damaged further. Too many people ignore the warning lights resulting in their car’s breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Simply check your engine as soon as the lights come on and find out what the issue is.

Now that you understand your engine a little more you can start paying more attention to your car. It doesn’t have to be time consuming or confusing. Simply, check your engine regularly and with time it will feel more and more natural. Don’t neglect your engine as it’s much easier to prevent issues from occurring rather than fix them once they become a real problem.

Save yourself time and money and begin paying attention to your engine today.

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