Volkswagen “Dieselgate” emissions scandal: No compensation for UK owners


It has been months since the “Dieselgate” scandal first came to light. It quickly became one of the most talked about topics in the industry in 2015, and it still remains a hot topic today. The scandal affected a great number of cars around the world, with numerous manufacturers issuing recalls of the affected vehicles. Whilst customers slowly lost the brand’s trust, Volkswagen remained rather silent, revealing very little about the compensation details for UK owners.

After months of silence, the wait is finally over as Volkswagen has just revealed the compensation details for UK owners. If your car is affected by the scandal you can expect nothing. That’s right, a statement has just been released, explaining that UK owners will not be getting any compensation. This might come as a surprise to UK owners of affected vehicles, which is understandable. US owners received goodwill packages last year, which led many to believe that UK owners would also be receiving some sort of compensation.

Volkswagen experienced a drop in its sales following the emergence of the scandal last year and experts are suggesting that the recent announcement could further damage the brands image.

Instead of offering customers money, Volkswagen is choosing to focus on technical fixes that will be offered to customers with affected vehicles. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea considering, fixing the issue should be the main priority.

Hopefully, all will end well for the brand and its customers however with the scandal still showing no signs of slowing down, it could be a while before everything goes back to normal. It will take Volkswagen a while to gain its customers trust back but it’s definitely possible. It all depends on how the brand deals with the scandal going forward so only time will tell how it all ends.

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