How to change oil in your car

How to change oil in your car

It is not necessary that you take your car to the garage for a simple oil change. Many cars are made around the idea to have simple oil draining / change system so that the users can change their car’s oil without any problem. If you are looking forward to changing your car’s oil by yourself, then keep reading this article as it provides all the necessary steps that are required to be followed to change your oil without the need of a mechanic.

Warm up the car: You need to warm up the engine of your car for 2-3 minutes so that any oil frosting gets melted and that frosting turns into liquid form again. However, do not warm it that much that it burns your hand, keep it warm enough that you can touch it.

Look for drain plug under your car: The drain plug under your car would be a large nut that is located under your engine. If you cannot locate the drain plug yourself, you will need to crawl under the car or use a jack to lift the car high enough to locate the plug.

Push a container under the drain plug: You need to push a container under the drain so it can catch the draining oil and then unscrew the drain plug.

Remove the cap from the oil filler on the top of the engine: Twist the cap counter-clockwise. The filter will have oil on it so remove it will care. If there is any remnants left of the filter’s rubber seal on the engine, remove it as well.

Empty the filter into a drain pan: After draining all of the oil from the filter, wrap the filter in a paper and set it aside to take any recycling centre with your old oil.

Screw in the new filter, pour the new oil and start the engine: Screw in the new filter and pour in the new fresh oil. Make sure that you do not pour more than 1 quarts of oil into it. After that, run you engine for 30-60 seconds. After that hold on for 5-8 minutes to make sure that the oil is settled in the oil pan. Check the oil level using the oil level stick. If it is still low, then pour until it is complete in accordance of the oil stick.

Take your car for the drive: Shut the cap back tight, pull out the oil pan from under the car and take your car to a drive.

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