McLaren 720S 2017 Review

McLaren 720S

McLaren Introduction

The new McLaren 720s is the successor of the 650S and is supposedly considered by many to be one of the most important cars in modern history. The 720s is the first car to replace another McLaren model and is the beginning of a new 15 generation models. The 720s is full with carbon fibre, and it is also a lot more rigid than the 650s. The 720s is also super light with a weight at 1283kg which is 18kg less than the same 650S. The 720S aerodynamics is extraordinary works well theirs a panel in front of the wheels which sends air through the side of the doors to increase the downforce. This the start of whats to come for super cars, and to get your hands on one of these is around £200,000 so if you have a big wallet, this could be for you.

McLaren 720S Style and Design.McLaren 720S

The McLaren 720S appearance is spectacular. The 720S is designed to look good and also to have aerodynamic tweaks. The air filters are no longer a thing because the 720S uses air which gets pushed to cooling the engine along the doors. The chassis of the 720S  has been constructed explicitly to perfection so that when the car is moving it has enhanced speed stability. The 720S suspension has had efforts of re-engineering, and this has allowed shedding 16kg in unsprung weight. The 720 looks fantastic it’s so modern that when traveling a long the road it looks like a spaceship. Underneath the lights are cooling vents to allow air at high speeds to cool the engine.

The McLaren 720s looks excellent on the outside and inside. The car is full of leather and carbon. The 720s is surprisingly comfy and the steering wheel in comfy leather. There are embroidery colours of your choice to go with the theme of the car. There are many buttons and features to play within the 720S. There is also a feature which allows you to choose how much you want to drift, and this is mainly used for track purposes. Another great feature of the 720S a little show off dash display which can change from track to standard which folds in and out of the dash which displays all the essential information you need. The screen has all the basics you can expect with supercars which include navigation, phone, media, radio and track telemetry.

McLaren 720S performance

The 720s has remarkable performance for just a supercar. The 0-60p when the car is under full load is 2.9 seconds. The 0-100mph is a staggering 5.6 seconds. McLaren has enlarged its engine features, so it has all the new gear like turbos, intercoolers, cylinder heads and crankshafts. This is all comes together to produce 710bhp. McLaren was trying to capture the excitement of the 675 LT and the refinement of the 570 GT. The 720s has some p1 capabilities, and the braking can do from 124mpg to stop in 4.6 seconds. The 7-speed shift gearbox in the McLaren is 45% faster than the in the 675LT. The 720s is packed with the chassis electronics.


Overall, the new McLaren 720s is astonishingly quick but has all the exclusive technology inside as well. All this technology allows it to be stable and but also approachable. The 720 is full of gadgets like aerodynamics and there even features to control the drifting of the car. The design is futuristic, and it looks great with the chassis McLaren has outdone themselves with the design of the vehicle. To get your hands on one of these its going to cost from £218,000, which is very expensive.  Although, you will get what you pay for with a top speed of 212mph and a 710bhp turbo engine. McLaren has also released a special velocity edition of the 720S, but some VIP members have already taken them now.

McLaren 720S


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