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Easy-to-fix MOT failures cost us £1/2m

There is over half a million pounds wasted on easy-to-fix MOT mistakes, a new report reveals. Only 4% of cars that fail their MOT are having their first test. Shockingly, cars on their first MOT test have failed for ridiculous reasons suchas as poorly placed stickers on windscreens and screen wash being left empty. The […]

Bentley Motors to build VW W12 engines

  Good news for the British motor industry this week. Bentley is to build all of Volkswagen’s W12 engines in the UK it has been announced. Bentley Motors, whose parent is the Volkswagen Group, will manufacture the engines from the end of the year created jobs for over 100 people in central England. As a […]

How to Reverse Park Safely

You can’t drive without knowing how to park. Though, it’s still shocking how few people feel confident parking up — and heaven forbid, reverse into and parallel park into a space! Fear no more. We’ll teach you how best to park a car by reversing. 1. Shift to reverse Once a car length away from […]

Used cars

The do’s and don’ts of getting rid of a used car

There comes a time in every vehicle owner’s life whereby their car is now too old, it’s served its purpose or just you’ve fell out of love with it. Knowing what to do with it, particularly for first-time buyers, is especially tricky. Your immediate thought might be: ‘I should just sell my car. Simple.’ Understandably […]

car buying

What are your options when selling your car?

You’ve decided it’s time to get rid of your old car, but you don’t know where might be best place to do so with the plethora of avenues now on offer. Online The 21st century option would be to get an online car dealer to buy your vehicle. These is probably the easiest way, as […]

Inside Car Dealership Showroom

Car buying tips before entering a dealership

Buying a car is a big decision, and as such, should be treated with the seriousness it deserves. The importance of researching before setting foot in the dealerships could not be stressed enough. Since, it’s hard to know where to turn, we’ve compiled a resource bank of information to better inform you on buying a […]

Maintaining your car in winter more important than ever

With the barometer dropping close to freezing in most parts of the country and more rain predicted, maintaining your car couldn’t be more important. You might not be aware of this, but car maintenance is more important than ever in extreme cold. Your power steering fluid, transmission fluid and oil are all things that need […]

Some new cars keep their value better than others

Ever been told cars devalue the second you roll a new one off the forecourt? Typically 25% of your new motor’s value is lost within the first year of buying the car. So, you can see how choosing a model that’s predicted to have the higest resale value in its class will pay off. The […]

7,200 UK motorists drive with over 12 points

  It’s shocking to see to read how over 7,000 drivers in the UK are roaming our streets with over 12 points on their licence. Found in the Trusted Car Buyers blog, I find the fact that so many people are driving when they should have a permanent ban is ridiculous. Yes, the exceptional case […]

Toyota Prius

Why buying a used hybrid car is good news

Have you ever considered buying a used hybrid car? A clear bonus of owning a hybrid vehicle is their durability and reliability, making it easy to sell and a pleasure to buy in terms of investment. Read the full story:

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