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Rolls-Royce recalls ONE vehicle to repair airbags fault

In the recent months, numerous manufacturers announced that they would be recalling millions of vehicles in total, to fix various faults. Rolls-Royce has just announced that it will recall a single “Ghost” vehicle to repair an airbag fault. Currently the vehicle, costing £231,730, is the only Rolls-Royce that’s affected. Some are calling the recall “ridiculous” […]

220,000 Cars Recalled After Vauxhall Zafira Fires

More than 220,000 Vauxhall Zafira B models are currently being recalled after concerned customers reported fires breaking out in the dashboard. Vauxhall has released a statement saying that only right-hand drive Zafira B models build between 2005 and 2014 are involved. The current Zafira Tourer is not believed to be affected. The problem was first brought […]

Is my speedometer accurate?

You might feel like you’re being almost rear-ended or you might notice other vehicles frequently overtake you, but you never quite understood why. Your vehicle’s odometer reads that you’re driving within the acceptable limit. But wait!? It’s not until you get your sat nav out that you start to realise a discrepancy between readings on […]

Top 3 Most Common Car Faults

There’s no greater bug bear than finding a problem with your vehicle when you go to start it first thing in the morning. Regular car servicing can prevent you from a nasty surprise which might leave you on the roadside. But, what still catches most of us out? 1 Battery Issues The number one fault […]

Insurance write-offs, Cat C and Cat Ds

You’ve been in a bump and told your car is an insurance write-off, and terms like Cat C or Cat D are banded about in the motor trade, particularly when shopping for a new car. But, what do they mean? One thing’s for sure, selling the vehicle fast can become a chore, due to their […]

What is a HPI Check and do I need one?

If you’re not in the motor trade or familiar with it, you may not know about something called a HPI check. It is a quick and simple check that details the history of your vehicle and is really useful to know whether you’re selling your old car or buying a new one. For example, a […]

Easy-to-fix MOT failures cost us £1/2m

There is over half a million pounds wasted on easy-to-fix MOT mistakes, a new report reveals. Only 4% of cars that fail their MOT are having their first test. Shockingly, cars on their first MOT test have failed for ridiculous reasons suchas as poorly placed stickers on windscreens and screen wash being left empty. The […]

Used cars

The do’s and don’ts of getting rid of a used car

There comes a time in every vehicle owner’s life whereby their car is now too old, it’s served its purpose or just you’ve fell out of love with it. Knowing what to do with it, particularly for first-time buyers, is especially tricky. Your immediate thought might be: ‘I should just sell my car. Simple.’ Understandably […]

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