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Choosing the right new car

Choosing a new car should be a fun task however in reality it can be rather stressful. Whether you’re buying your very first car or you are simply looking for a change, choosing the right car for you is crucial. There are many things you need to consider when choosing a new vehicle, which is […]


Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Winter is upon us and although Christmas is now over, making sure that your car is in perfect working condition is crucial this time of year. The cold, winter weather can be very harsh on your vehicle. Depending on where you live and how bad the weather gets there, it’s rather important that you take […]

Buying a car: cash, loan or lease?

There are many ways you can buy a car. All are good but for different reasons. You can buy a car with cash, a loan or go down the car leasing route. But which is right for you? Paying with cash This is the cheapest option in the long-term, you may command more bargaining power […]

14 ways to maximize your car’s value before selling

Who doesn’t want more money for their car when it comes to selling? Well, the guys at across the pond have compiled a neat little graphic on how to maximise the value of your car before you give up your keys. Despite being in dollars (and excuse the funny spelling of tyres), the tips […]

The Importance of Safety Barriers

It is widely debated as to whether or not more deaths occur as a result of crashes on motorways or other roads. While fewer crashes occur on motorways per mile travelled, the potential for fatalities is higher in motorway crashes compared to those that occur on other roads. In the UK, 1.4% of all crashes […]

Insurance write-offs, Cat C and Cat Ds

You’ve been in a bump and told your car is an insurance write-off, and terms like Cat C or Cat D are banded about in the motor trade, particularly when shopping for a new car. But, what do they mean? One thing’s for sure, selling the vehicle fast can become a chore, due to their […]

What is a HPI Check and do I need one?

If you’re not in the motor trade or familiar with it, you may not know about something called a HPI check. It is a quick and simple check that details the history of your vehicle and is really useful to know whether you’re selling your old car or buying a new one. For example, a […]

Easy-to-fix MOT failures cost us £1/2m

There is over half a million pounds wasted on easy-to-fix MOT mistakes, a new report reveals. Only 4% of cars that fail their MOT are having their first test. Shockingly, cars on their first MOT test have failed for ridiculous reasons suchas as poorly placed stickers on windscreens and screen wash being left empty. The […]

How to Reverse Park Safely

You can’t drive without knowing how to park. Though, it’s still shocking how few people feel confident parking up — and heaven forbid, reverse into and parallel park into a space! Fear no more. We’ll teach you how best to park a car by reversing. 1. Shift to reverse Once a car length away from […]


A Handy Guide For What To Do With A Car That Fails Its MOT

So your trusty steed (read – car) has gone in for its annual check-up. You’re sure everything will be fine as you’ve kept it in great shape, fed it well (with good oil etc.) and gave it a weekly brush down (clean). But then bad news comes…it failed its MOT! What next? Well that is […]

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