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14 ways to maximize your car’s value before selling

Who doesn’t want more money for their car when it comes to selling? Well, the guys at across the pond have compiled a neat little graphic on how to maximise the value of your car before you give up your keys. Despite being in dollars (and excuse the funny spelling of tyres), the tips […]

Kids passive smoking in car contributes to £23m a year NHS bill

Smoking in cars with children present could soon become outlawed. In Wales, it will be banned, and in England, the Department for Health are consulting on the issue. A Westminster vote is already massively in favour of a ban — 376 to 107 in favour. We are actually miles behind other countries on this: Australia, […]

Steps for Donating a Vehicle to Charity

Did you know that aside from cars most charitable organizations also accept trucks, motorcycles, RVs and even lawn mowers as a donation? If you are willing to part with it, more than likely a charity will be willing to accept it. All that you need to do is research a local charitable organization to ensure […]

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