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Kids passive smoking in car contributes to £23m a year NHS bill

Smoking in cars with children present could soon become outlawed. In Wales, it will be banned, and in England, the Department for Health are consulting on the issue. A Westminster vote is already massively in favour of a ban — 376 to 107 in favour. We are actually miles behind other countries on this: Australia, […]

Glass quells plummeting 4×4 value rumours

The valuation guide book, Glass, has been keen to quell rumours the 4x4s are plummeting in value. Recent speculation in the industry suggests that the 4×4 market is slowing, even falling the last couple of weeks. Off-road and 4×4 vehicles have continually featured in Glass’s tables of fastest selling cars in the UK. Head of […]

Dacia sales roar as EU car market booms

You may have heard about the Dacia, the oft ridculed Romanian car maker from Top Gear. But, they have the last laugh with record sales reported in Europe. It has increased its dominance on the continent, no doubt as a result of its reasonable price. Sales have jumped 42 per cent in the EU zone […]

New car sales rise signals significant UK economy boost

Figures from the SMMT have shown that we are well and truly driving out of this recession, hitting a ten-year peak last month. Woohoo! New car registrations reached 464,824 for March – a huge 17.7% increase on figures for 2013. Here you can read the full story on new car sales

Man slashes woman’s tyres for kicking him out of bed for snoring

A Dundee man was kicked out of bed for snoring too loudly. His response: slash her tyres. Seems a little extreme if you ask me. You might empathise with this man (or perhaps, not). John Wade, 26 took a knife to the 31-year-old mother’s tyres as her petrified daughter looked on. The court in Dundee […]

Bentley Motors to build VW W12 engines

  Good news for the British motor industry this week. Bentley is to build all of Volkswagen’s W12 engines in the UK it has been announced. Bentley Motors, whose parent is the Volkswagen Group, will manufacture the engines from the end of the year created jobs for over 100 people in central England. As a […]

Some new cars keep their value better than others

Ever been told cars devalue the second you roll a new one off the forecourt? Typically 25% of your new motor’s value is lost within the first year of buying the car. So, you can see how choosing a model that’s predicted to have the higest resale value in its class will pay off. The […]

7,200 UK motorists drive with over 12 points

  It’s shocking to see to read how over 7,000 drivers in the UK are roaming our streets with over 12 points on their licence. Found in the Trusted Car Buyers blog, I find the fact that so many people are driving when they should have a permanent ban is ridiculous. Yes, the exceptional case […]

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